Looking to relocate to Bloomfield?

Build Your Home

Build Your Home in Bloomfield, Iowa

There are limitless possibilities for establishing your home in Bloomfield, Iowa, not the least of which is to build your dream home.
For information about local contractors, contact Tammy Roberts at 641-664-9653.

For lot availability, contact a local realtor.

Ahead Regional Housing Trust Fund

If you or someone you know needs financial assistance with home repairs, perhaps we can help!

The Purpose of the AHEAD Regional Housing Trust Fund (RHTF) is to provide financing to assist in improving the stock of affordable housing within the 6 counties it serves, including Davis County. The AHEAD RHTF will consider financial assistance in the form of partial funding or full funding depending on the project and borrower circumstances.

Projects eligible for AHEAD RHTF funds include those that improve the condition of existing housing through rehabilitation and/or repair, to prevent homelessness or contribute to the development of affordable housing. Only projects that retain and improve the structural integrity of the home will be funded.