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Vibrant Living in Bloomfield, Iowa

Living in a community should be fulfilling. You’ll find that Bloomfield, Iowa has so much to offer in not only low cost of living, but also in the quality of life you’ll experience.

Davis County Community Schools works closely with Indian Hills Community College (based in nearby Ottumwa, Iowa) and Iowa State University to provide educational opportunities for students of all ages and grade levels.

Read more about the local public schools and so much more here in Davis County. 

Looking for Food, Fun, Agriculture, the Arts (or all of the above)? We’ve got a vast array of options for you. Read more

You’ll never get bored in Bloomfield with access to the many public parks and ball fields, wellness centers and so much more. Click here to learn more

Serving one’s community as a volunteer is one of the most satisfying (and effective) ways to truly make a difference. Click here to view just a sampling of organizations that are working each day to create a better Bloomfield

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the array of locally-owned boutiques, grocery stores, and more throughout Bloomfield and Davis County. You will not want to miss the variety of Amish and Mennonite stores and services as well. Something for everyone! Find out more here.

For your family’s healthcare needs, the award-winning Davis County Hospital & Clinics boasts a full staff of caring nurses, doctors, specialists, and more. 

Read more about all the options you have for high-quality healthcare in our community.

Find everything you could want at any age in Davis County. Check out more information about local assisted living facilities and activity centers here.